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DUI laws are not in black-and-white. If you were to meet with a Selma DUI attorney, you will learn that DUI laws are more complex than you think. There is a science behind DUI laws that only an experienced Alabama DUI attorney understands. Using that knowledge, a skilled Alabama drunk driving defense lawyer can create reasonable doubt in the prosecution's argument against you. You will learn that you still have a case when you meet with a DUI attorney. You will understand that with the help of a skilled lawyer, you can get your Selma DUI charges reduced or dropped altogether.

A DUI conviction is more expensive than you think. You may think your only way of handling an Alabama DUI arrest is to plead guilty and accept the charges. You may even have enough money to pay the required fines. However, you learn too late that an Alabama DUI costs way more money than you think. As part of your punishment, you will need to attend alcohol education classes and install an ignition interlock device. Both of these will cost money that will come from your pocket. There are other fees that incur, as well. You need to pay for license reinstatement, interlock recalibration and other expenses. At the end of the day, an Alabama DUI can cost you more than you may expect.

You can be suffering consequences long after the immediate consequences are over. After you get your license back and have paid off your fines, you may think you'll be able to put your DUI conviction behind you. However, this is not the case. You will run into obstacles for a very long time after the immediate consequences are over. You can have trouble getting approved for a bank loan with a conviction on your record. Additionally, finding employment can be a challenge as many employers perform background checks on their candidates and may frown upon a criminal conviction.

Now that you understand the very devastating consequences of a Selma, Alabama DUI, you should be aware that hiring an Alabama DUI attorney is your best chance to get your DUI charges reduced or dropped altogether. Don't take any chances. Have an experienced Alabama DUI defense attorney on your side, fighting for your freedom. Fill out this simple form and be put in touch with up to three skilled Alabama DUI attorneys.

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