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What You Need to Remember About Lawrence County Court After a DUI

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Hiring an Alabama DUI attorney is a smart idea. You may think it is easier to accept your charges and plead guilty. However, doing so would mean a criminal conviction on your record, which could prevent you from seeking employment or approval for a loan.

Don't miss your court date. You can wind up in a lot of trouble for missing your court date. While your attorney can try to get you out of trouble for failing to appear, missing your court date again can result in a warrant for your arrest.

Your first appearance is called an arraignment. This is where you will formally hear the charges against you. It is also where you are required to plead guilty, not guilty or no contest. Remember, it is imperative that you appear in court with an experienced Alabama DUI attorney. They know the exact tactics to take when arguing a DUI case.

Remember, an experienced AL DUI attorney knows and has the experience to get you the best possible result after this horrible experience. Don't wait. Contact a DUI attorney today!

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