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Important Things to Remember After Being Arrested for a Lee County DUI

Still confused why you were arrested for a DUI in Alabama?

Alabama is considered an "actual physical control" state which means that you can be charged with a drunk driving offense even if the police didn't actually witness you driving. This means you can still be arrested for drunk driving if the police found you asleep or just sitting in your car.

Why is your license suspended for longer than you thought?

This could be because you refused to take a breath test. If you refused any type of chemical test when you were arrested, you automatically lose your license for 90 days without the option of applying for a restricted license.

But what if you took a breath test?

You may not have made your administrative hearing in time. Remember, you have 10 days after your DUI arrest to schedule your administrative hearing with the Alabama Department of Public Safety. This administrative hearing determines whether or not your license will get suspended. An AL DUI attorney can assist you with this process. However, because time is of the essence, you must hire an AL DUI attorney as soon as you possibly can.


Located in Auburn, AL?

Learn more about the drastic consequences of an Auburn DUI arrest. You'll see why it is necessary to hire a skilled AL DUI attorney.

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