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Important Things You Need to Know About Your Perry County DUI

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A first DUI, without any aggravating circumstances, is a misdemeanor. The consequences for a first time DUI conviction in Perry County include license suspension, very expensive fines and possibly even jail time. This is why it is necessary to hire an experienced Perry County DUI attorney to help you fight your charges.

If you are under 21 and arrested for a DUI in Marion or elsewhere in Perry County, you can get your license suspended for 30 days if your BAC was between .02 and .079. If you are underage and your BAC was .08 or higher, you will still have to face the same penalties as if you were 21 or older. No matter what your BAC was at the time of your arrest, you should still hire a skilled attorney to help you navigate the steps you need to take to handle for Alabama DUI.

A Perry County DUI arrest results in two hearings. One is your criminal hearing that takes place in the court house and your other is your administrative hearing that determines whether or not your license should get suspended. Your administrative hearing is with the Alabama Department of Public Safety. If you do not schedule your administrative hearing within 10 days of your arrest, you can lose your license regardless of the outcome of your criminal case. An Alabama DUI attorney can assist you with this process.

Don't leave your Alabama DUI up to chance! Hire an experienced Perry County DUI attorney and fight your charges!

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