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Important Things To Expect in Russell County Court

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The first important thing you should know is that you can get in a lot of trouble for missing your court date. If you do miss, technically, the judge can issue a warrant for your arrest. Now, there have been cases where a judge can be lenient or your lawyer can help if you miss one court date, but repeatedly missing your court dates can make matters so much worse for you.

Your first court appearance is called an arraignment. An arraignment is where the judge will officially read the charges against you. You also plead "guilty", "not guilty", or "no contest" at an arraignment. It is very important to have a Russell County DUI attorney with you at your arraignment. Do not head into court alone. If you still need to find an experienced Alabama DUI attorney, fill out this simple form today!

DUI cases to not often go to trial. Usually, an agreement between the judge, you and your lawyer is settled upon during pre-trial meetings. However, it is not impossible for a DUI case to go to trial. There have been times where an agreement cannot be negotiated and an Alabama DUI case must go to trial.

Above all, court can be very overwhelming after a Russell County DUI. However, you don't have to walk in alone. There is an experienced Alabama DUI lawyer waiting to hear from you. Fill out our simple form and be put in touch with up to 3 esteemed Alabama DUI attorneys.

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