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4 Ways Your Walker County DUI Can Get Worse

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After spending the night in jail and dealing with the humiliation of a Walker County, AL DUI, you may think that things can't get worse for you. However, there are some choices you can make that can actually make this situation messier. Although only an experienced DUI attorney can give you official legal advice on how to go about your Alabama DUI, take note of the following ways you can make your situation even worse.

1. Acting belligerent toward the cops during your arrest. When someone gets arrested for a DUI, it can be very difficult to cooperate with the police. However, sometimes a person's anger can get out of hand and can lead to endangering the cops and themselves. This can result in an additional charge as well as the judge not looking too favorably upon you when deciding the outcome of your DUI hearing.

2. Aggravating circumstances. Aggravating circumstances are aspects of your DUI that can increase the severity of your charges. Your charges can get even worse if your aggravating circumstances include a past criminal record, a high BAC level, if you had passengers in the car, if you had underage passengers in the car and if your DUI resulted in property damage, injury or death.

3. Missing your court date. Unless assured by your attorney, not appearing in court is a bad move. Not only can it affect the outcome of your DUI case, it can also result in the judge issuing a warrant for your arrest. Don't risk the additional humiliation and punishments by missing your court date!

4. Not hiring an attorney. Above all, going into court unrepresented is the probably the worst way to go about handling your charges. Walker County Court can be an overwhelming and confusing place. However, a skilled Alabama DUI attorney knows the ins-and-outs of court and can help you as you navigate the judicial system. Furthermore, Alabama DUI laws are extremely severe and they get stricter each year. You could wind up facing very harsh consequences without a skilled AL drunk driving defense lawyer on your side.

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