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4 Reasons Why it is Bad to Appear in Winston County Court without a DUI Attorney

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Reason # 1: The judicial system is more complex than you think. DUI cases aren't open-and-shut like other criminal court hearings. There are very specific details that go into fighting a DUI, both scientific and legal, that an experienced Alabama DUI attorney knows. Utilize the knowledge and expertise of a Double Springs area DUI attorney. You don't have to plead guilty. You still have options after a Winston County, AL DUI.

Reason #2: Court is routine for the judge but it is probably not for you. Because of this, you may miss something important. With a DUI attorney, you have someone on your side that understands the Winston County Court process and can explain to you what is going on.

Reason #3: Court can be intimidating. It's difficult to fight your charges alone when Alabama DUI laws are so strict and the punishments are so harsh. An Alabama DUI defense attorney understands this and will be by your side every step of the way. You don't need to feel hopeless after an Alabama DUI. An attorney can help.

Reason #4: You can wind up with harsh or undeserving punishments. DUI laws get harsher every year and jail can often be a possibility, even after a first offense! If you want to avoid expensive fines, loss of license and possible jail time, you need a Winston County DUI attorney to fight your charges. You have too much at stake to plead guilty and accept the punishment. It can ruin your life. Fill out this simple form and be put in touch with up to 3 skilled Alabama DUI attorneys.

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