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3 Steps to Remember after Your Bethel DWI Arrest

Bethel is bustling and is considered to be the largest city in western Alaska. Although this community may be busy, it is not too busy to handle lawbreakers. This includes citizens who drive while they are intoxicated.  If you commit this offense, you need to be ready to face some harsh penalties as Alaska DWI laws are tough.  Punishments may include:  fines up to $1500 just for a first offense, having an ignition interlock device installed on your vehicle, going to jail, having your driver's license suspended and more.  Obviously, if you are in this situation it is imperative for you to hire a knowledgeable Bethel DWI lawyer to represent you. You will also want to follow some important steps.   

Below are several ways to handle your DWI in Bethel:  

  1. Find a seasoned drunk driving defense attorney in Bethel- Of course, hiring a lawyer is almost never easy on the pocketbook but finding someone who specializes in handling Alaska DWI cases could make all the difference to your case and to your future.  This is because a DWI lawyer will have special education and training that other attorneys will not have and they will be able to provide you with the best DWI defense possible.  
  2. Be sure to schedule your Department of Motor Vehicle hearing- There is a finite window of time that you have to set this up.  If you do not complete this task, you could lose your driving privileges for an indefinite amount of time even if you are found not guilty in your criminal case.  Do not make this mistake or it will be one more thing that you regret doing.   
  3. Be there for your court appearances- Be aware of your court dates and of the times as well.  If you do not appear, warrants for your arrest could be issued.  Obviously, nothing good could come of this so be responsible and properly prepare yourself for your court appearances. 

Bethel DWI is extremely stressful and there are many things to remember that are out of the norm for most individuals.  The most important thing to remember, however, is that you need to contact a DWI lawyer to represent you.  The DUI attorneys at in your area are pre-screened, skilled and devoted to helping you fight for your rights so do the right thing and call them now! 

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