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How a Denali drunk driving attorney can help you with your DWI   

Denali is a breathtaking area of Alaska but it may not seem so if you end up getting in trouble for driving under the influence.  If you receive a DUI in Alaska and are found guilty, you should prepare yourself for punishments such as spending time in jail, large fines and fees, attending alcohol rehabilitation, having your license taken away, having an ignition interlock system installed on your car and more.  Naturally, you want to do what you can to avoid this so the best thing you can do for yourself is to find a skilled drunk driving attorney to represent you.  One thing you do not want to do is to try to handle your case on your own as this can be disastrous.     

Below are explanations of how a Denali DWI lawyer can help you with your case: 

  • Although you were well over the legal limit, a talented attorney could help to reduce or eliminate your charges completely- An experienced Denali DWI defense attorney will look over the evidence in your case for any errors or issues.  If they notice anything such as missing paperwork, inaccurate facts, errors in testing or in protocol, etc., they can research it to see if it could potentially help your case.
  • They will try to have your sentence reduced- A reputable drunk driving attorney will have important, long-term relationships with people who could have a positive influence on your case such as employees at the DMV, the prosecutor and even the judge.  You likely would not have this ability if you attempt to handle your case on your own.        
  • The complexity of your Denali DWI will make it even more important for you to hire a DWI lawyer- You need a lawyer who has been educated on Alaska DWI laws.  This will become even more evident if your case has extenuating circumstances or if it has been complicated by additional charges or issues.     

If you or a friend has recently received a Denali DWI, you need to do the smart thing and contact a drunk driving attorney as soon as possible.  Do not wait or you could miss your opportunity.  At 1.800.DUI.LAWS, we have talented, devoted and local DWI lawyers who are looking forward to assisting you with your case so call now! 


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Frederick T. Slone

Kasmar and Slone, P.C.

Alaska DUI / DWI Attorney Frederick T. Slone is known as the "lawyer to see" if you have been arrested for drunk driving in the state of Alaska. Learn more about how Fred Slone can help you get your Alaska DUI / DWI charges reduced or even dropped!


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