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14 Facts you will want to know about your DUI in Dillingham

Make sure you speak with a Dillingham DUI lawyer as soon as possible.  It could make a huge difference to the outcome of your case

Dillingham is a small but proud community and does not appreciate when people break the law.  This is especially true for those individuals who drink and drive.  Considering the tough Alaska DUI laws, if you do not choose to drink responsibly and then get behind the wheel of a vehicle, you should prepare to face punishments consisting of having your license suspended, attending alcohol rehabilitation, expensive fines and fees, having an ignition interlock device installed on your automobile, spending time in jail and more.  Because of this, it will be important that you contact an accomplished DUI lawyer to assist you with your case.  You should also be prepared to provide them with a great deal of information so they can prepare for your defense. 

Information your Dillingham drunk driving attorney will need includes:  

1)    If you are on probation or parole for any other crimes you have committed 

2)    Whether you are male or female

3)    What you weighed at the time of your arrest

4)    Whether you had been drinking prior to your arrest 

5)    If you had been drinking, what kind and how much did you have to drink

6)    The amount of time you had you been drinking

7)    What you had been doing during the 24 hours prior to being arrested

8)    The reasons the officer gave for stopping you

9)    Questions the officer asked and answers you provided to him/her

10)  If you had been chewing tobacco when you were pulled over.  If you were, did        you submit to a breath test?  If you did complete a breath test, were your        gums bleeding at the time?

11)  If law enforcement had you complete any field sobriety tests

12)  Whether anyone was present during the ordeal

13)  If anyone saw you being arrested

14)  Whether you were you videotaped when you were being arrested

Try to remember as many details as possible for your Dillingham DUI lawyer.  This, in turn, will help them better prepare for your case.  The skilled, trustworthy and local attorneys of 1.800.DUI.LAWS are pre-screened and will compete to represent you.  Do not waste precious time.   Call us now! 

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