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Problems you could have with the prosecution over your Haines DWI

Although Haines has a buffet of recreational activities and is a great place for both those who live here and for those who are just visiting, it also has a serious side.  If you get a DUI in Alaska, be prepared for some tough consequences.  Punishments may consist of having your license suspended, spending time in jail, attending alcohol rehabilitation, having an ignition interlock system installed on your automobile, large fines and more.  Therefore, if you do have the misfortune of receiving a Haines DUI, make sure you contact a skilled DUI lawyer.  You will also want to note the parts of your DUI that the prosecution would rather you not know about with regard to your case.    

Below are areas of your case that the prosecution will likely attempt to hide from you:

  • They have a ton of work and if they can get rid of your case easily it is just one less thing for them to do.

  • Considering the severity of a Haines DWI, going to trial really is not that harsh.  

  • The prosecutor does not want to be there anymore than you do.  They would rather handle bigger cases.

  • They have not had the opportunity to properly prepare for your case because they are so swamped with other cases. 

  • The evidence they have for your case will likely be thrown out because the law enforcement officer did not follow proper procedures when they conducted the field sobriety tests.  

  • The police officer who arrested you is not ready to testify.  They are extremely busy so it is easy for them to miss court dates. 

  • The equipment used for your breath test was not accurate and could ultimately help you win your case.  

  • Because the prosecutor does not specialize in handling DUI cases, they do not have the education or training necessary to fully understand the science behind the tests that were completed during your ordeal.  Your DUI lawyer can, therefore, use this to their advantage. 

Do not let the prosecution scare you into a plea deal.  Fight your charges and be sure to hire an experienced Haines DUI lawyer to represent you.  The DUI lawyers of in your area are accomplished, trustworthy and local and will compete to assist you with your case!

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