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How not to behave both in and out of court with regard to your Juneau DUI

Alaska DUI laws can be harsh so it is important that you take them seriously and make sure to drink responsibly in Juneau.  If you do not, you could end up being arrested and charged with a Juneau DUI.  Consequences if you are convicted of drinking and driving include big fines, attending alcohol rehabilitation, losing your driver's license, going to jail, having an ignition interlock device installed on your automobile and more.  Because of this, you will want to contact an experienced drunk driving lawyer to assist you with your case.  Make sure that you are on your best behavior during this time.  

Below is some information you may want to follow for court if you desire a positive outcome for your Juneau DUI: 

  • Keep any weapons you have at home- Of course, it is not smart to bring weapons with you to court.  In this day and age, many courtrooms even have metal detectors so it is a good idea not to take anything with you that you would not be able to take on an airplane.    

  • Do not chew gum- It is nice to have fresh breath for your court appearance but it is also distracting so consider using mints or breath spray instead.  

  • Turn your cell phone off- No one wants to be notified when you get a text, an email or a phone call so make sure it does not happen in court.  

  • Be there on time- You do not want to be late to court.  If you do, you will just make matters worse for yourself so plan accordingly.  

  • Show the judge respect- Refer to them as sir, ma'am or your honor and be polite during your appearance. 

  • Driving with your license suspended is a bad idea- If you are caught, you will be charged separately from your DUI and, obviously, you will be in even more trouble. 

Knowing how to prepare for your DUI in Juneau is extremely important.  Therefore, do not waste time if you have not yet hired a talented drunk driving lawyer.  At 1.800.DUI.LAWS, we have seasoned and dedicated DUI attorneys in your area who are ready to fight for you.  Call now!  

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