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5 important questions you need to ask about your DUI in Lake and Peninsula

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The Lake and Peninsula may be the 2nd most densely populated organized county in the United States but they are still focused on abiding by the laws.  This is especially true of drinking and driving.  If you happen to receive a Lake and Peninsula DUI, you will face severe Alaska DUI penalties.  Rather than handling your case on your own, you should hire a seasoned DUI attorney to help you with your case.  If you do not, you will likely deeply regret your decision.   

Below are questions you may want to ask when you are in the process of hiring your Lake and Peninsula drunk driving lawyer: 

  1. Have they had complaints by the State Bar filed on them- If they have, you need to learn more about the complaints as you do not need any additional problems at this time.
  2. Do they work on other types of cases in addition to DUI cases- Preparing a DUI defense does require a specific skill set so you need to determine if their experience matches what you need. 
  3. What is their record for DUI cases like-This may not directly relate to your case but it will give you an idea of their skills and it could help you with the elimination process when you are interviewing 
  4. How are their fees structured- Some drunk driving lawyers prefer flat fees while some drunk driving lawyers prefer hourly fees.  No matter how their fees are structured, make sure you understand them and that you ask about any additional fees you may need to anticipate.
  5. Did they guarantee anything about your case to you- This is not a good idea if they did give you guarantees.  It is fine if they want to give you their predictions on what may happen but they cannot foresee the future. 

Obviously, the best way to avoid a Lake and Peninsula DUI is to drink responsibly.  However, if you have been arrested for drinking and driving, make sure you contact a talented DUI attorney right away.  The DUI lawyers of 1.800.DUI.LAWS are local, experienced and trustworthy and are here to help you.  Call now!  

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