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4 Facts which are truly important to understand about your North Slope Borough DWI

North Slope Borough is an area of Alaska that is full of rich history and heritage. Therefore, they do not appreciate those who do not abide by the laws and this is especially true for those who drive while intoxicated.  If you receive a DWI in North Slope, you will be subjected to strict Alaska DWI laws.  Those individuals who are convicted of a North Slope DWI will face having their driver's license suspended, spending time in jail, having an ignition interlock system installed on their vehicle, attending an alcohol rehabilitation program and more.  Therefore, if you do not desire a guilty verdict, you need to speak with a successful DWI lawyer to help you with your case.  You will also want to fully understand your North Slope DWI.  

Some things that may need to be clarified about your DWI in North Slope are included below: 

  1. Roadside tests are accurate ways to test subjects- In actuality, they are subjective tests because the officer determines if the subject passes or fails the test.  Since field sobriety tests are voluntary you should opt out of taking them.  

  2. Just because the officer believes you smell of alcohol does not mean you have necessarily had too much to drink-This is because alcohol does not actually have an odor.  Therefore, you should not admit to anything if a law enforcement officer mentions that they can smell alcohol on you.

  3. You can be mistakenly arrested for a North Slope Borough DWI even if you have had nothing alcoholic to drink- This is because we all produce alcohol as a natural function of our bodies and some individuals actually produce more than others to the point that they their BAC could actually be over the legal limit.  This is just one additional reason why it is important to contact a drunk driving attorney as soon as possible after your arrest.    

  4. A breath test given by an officer does not actually measure the alcohol in your blood- In reality, a breath test provides an estimation of the alcohol in your blood while a blood test is the only true measurement of alcohol in your blood.   

These are not the only misunderstandings about North Slope DWIs.  Keeping this in mind, if you have recently been arrested for driving while intoxicated, you need to speak with a DWI lawyer as soon as you are able to do so.  Contact the accomplished, dedicated and local DWI attorneys at  They will not only help you understand your North Slope DWI but will also help you get your charges reduced or dismissed as well so call now!  

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