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The prosecution's case regarding your Northwest Arctic DUI-Protect yourself by hiring a talented Northwest Arctic DUI lawyer 

Alaska DUI laws are strict so if you happen to get a DUI in Northwest Arctic Boroughthen you need tobe ready for tough consequences.  These can include spending time in jail, having an ignition interlock device installed on your car, having your driver's license suspended, attending alcohol rehabilitation, heavy fines and more.  The prosecution will likely attempt to provide you with a plea bargain, which will incidentally make their job much easier, but make sure you protect yourself by contacting an experienced DUI lawyer who will know what you should and should not do as well as how to build a strong defense for your case.  

Below are points about the prosecution's case that they would rather you not be privy to with regard to your Northwest Arctic DUI:  

  • They are having a hard time proving your guilt because they lack the evidence to do so.  

  • They know you did not commit the crime you are charged with but will still try to convict you of it anyway.  

  • They will not be able to decrease the charges even when they barely have a case against you.  

  • There are problems with the evidence they have and your case will likely end up being dismissed.

  • They do not have the witnesses needed to convict you.

  • You refused to submit to the field sobriety test which has made their job much harder.

  • They cannot prove you are guilty of your DUI in Northwest Arctic Borough

Do not forget that it is the prosecution's job to prove you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt which is typically not easy to do especially if you have hired a skilled Northwest Arctic DUI lawyer to represent you.  Call right now to speak with the seasoned, local and trustworthy attorneys at  We will match you with up to three drunk driving lawyers who will compete to help you! 

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Alaska DUI / DWI Attorney Frederick T. Slone is known as the "lawyer to see" if you have been arrested for drunk driving in the state of Alaska. Learn more about how Fred Slone can help you get your Alaska DUI / DWI charges reduced or even dropped!


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