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Understanding the process of court for your Sitka DUI- Make sure you hire a successful DUI lawyer to help you with your Sitka DUI

The area of present day Sitka was originally settled over 10,000 years ago. Obviously, the citizens of this area are proud of this fact and attempt to uphold the laws as much as possible.  This extends to all laws and does include Alaska DUI laws.  If you receive a DUI in Sitka, you need to prepare yourself for harsh consequences that include having your license taken away, going to alcohol rehabilitation, large fees, spending time in jail, having an ignition interlock device installed on your car and more.  Because of this, it will be in your best interests to find a skilled DUI defense lawyer to help you with your case.  You will also want to speak with them about what you should expect in court.    

Some court proceedings you will want to have a good understanding of regarding your Sitka DUI include:   

  • The bail hearing- You will be released from incarceration once you are no longer intoxicated.  You may be required to post bail at this time.  If you do not have the money to do this, you can file a motion to lower or drop the bail.  Note that this is not an easy process so you should contact a DUI attorney to help you with this matter.    

  • The arraignment- You will need to be present for this and the judge will provide you with the charges that have been made against you.  You will then give your plea of either guilty or not guilty.  Once this has been established, the date of the pre-trial meeting will be discussed. 

  • The pre-trial meeting(s)- This meeting is incorporated of you, the prosecuting attorney, the judge and your attorney.  Your case will be discussed and it will be up to your attorney to decide if a plea deal can be made for your case or if you need to move forward with a trial. 

  • The motion to withdraw- Your plea can be withdrawn even after your sentence has been given to you.  This usually occurs when the defendant's attorney does not have the skills needed to handle their client's case.  This is just another reason why hiring a DUI attorney who specializes in Alaska DUI lawsis so important to your case.

  • The motion to appeal- If you are convicted of your Sitka DUI you do have the ability to appeal.  You will, however, need an experienced DUI lawyer to help you with this process since it can be very difficult and lengthy.  

If you have been received a DUI in Sitka, it is imperative that you contact a talented DUI defense lawyer  to help you.  Do not attempt to handle your case by yourself or you will live to regret this decision.   Call the devoted, local and talented DUI attorneys at today.  They will compete to assist you with your case!   

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