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The party ended quickly for you after you heard sirens. Soon after, you were arrested for a Colorado DUI. But your bad luck doesn’t have to continue. Colorado DUI laws are extremely strict, and penalties in Colorado can be severe. You could be forced to pay big fines or even end up in jail. But don’t assume all is lost. The evidence against you may not be as strong as you think. If you want to avoid jail time and serious fines, you should talk to an attorney who has experience with DUI cases. Time is of the essence, so contact an experienced DUI lawyer to discuss your defense.

BEWARE: DUI cases can be as complex as murder cases. Many general practice attorneys don’t know how to argue the scientific evidence in a DUI case. It’s this exact evidence that could get your charges reduced or even dismissed! An experienced CO DUI attorney has a resume pages long of advance training courses, classes and schools. Experience is key.

Jail, fines, loss of your license, DUI education classes, and so much more could be your future if you are convicted of a CO DUI. That’s because Colorado DUI laws are harsh. Not only could you lose your license and your savings, but also your auto insurance rates are likely going to skyrocket. In fact, you may even lose your car insurance all together. An experienced CO DUI attorney can help you save your license and can explain how to approach your insurance company. Using the right words could mean you won’t lose your car insurance all together.

There are the more serious matters. If you are convicted of a Colorado DUI, you could spend time behind bars, even as a first time offender. Plus fines could be thousands of dollars! But don’t lose hope just yet. Speak with an experienced DUI lawyer. It only takes a moment to contact a CO DUI attorney for a free consultation.

It may seem like an easy way out is to plead guilty to your Colorado DUI and move on with your life. Think again. So much more trouble can come from a guilty plea. In fact, it can be one of the most expensive decisions you can make. There are expensive fines. A judge will usually require you to take alcohol education courses, which you will have to pay for. Sometimes you will have to install an ignition interlock system into your car, which is another expense. In fact, there are monthly charges to maintain the system. It’s also very likely that you will lose your auto insurance. All this means thousands of dollars out of your pocket. Instead of spending all this money, consider contacting a DUI lawyer. Any attorney fees will amount to much less than pleading guilty.

So you’ve decided to fight your DUI case. If you don’t want a DUI conviction on your criminal record, you should speak to an experienced DUI lawyer. A skilled DUI lawyer understands Colorado DUI laws and knows just how complex DUI cases can be. An experienced CO DUI attorney knows that you just want your life to go back to normal. So in order to make that happen, an attorney will attack the state’s evidence including field sobriety tests, breath testing, blood and urine testing, search and seizure law, driving patterns and more. A skilled CO DUI attorney has the training, skills and experience to handle even the most difficult Colorado DUI cases. Chances are, a CO DUI lawyer handled a DUI case just like yours.

There are ways to fight a CO DUI case in Colorado. An experienced CO DUI attorney knows how to take apart the prosecution’s evidence. While the evidence against you may seem overwhelming, there are loopholes in the state’s case and a skilled CO DUI attorney will work to find them. Remember, this is your life at stake. Contact an attorney now. Fight for your rights.

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