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A Washington County DUI conviction can have a dramatic impact on your life. A CO DUI will remain on your driving and criminal record, and could affect your ability to get a job in the future. This is why choosing the right lawyer can make a huge difference. Plus, it could change the outcome of your case. An experienced Washington County DUI lawyer knows how to take apart the state’s case piece by piece and create reasonable doubt. There is a DUI attorney out there who knows Colorado drunk driving laws and can work with you to build a good defense. Remember that you have a better chance to fight these charges if you get an experienced DUI lawyer on your side.

Did you know that DUI cases are extremely complex and scientific – similar to DNA evidence in a murder trial? That’s why you need an attorney who has taken dozens of courses and seminars to become educated on DUI defense and the science behind chemical testing. In fact, oftentimes your entire case hinges on your BAC results and how the police officer who stopped you obtained them. There is a CO lawyer out there who has the experience and the background to fight your case and get you the best possible outcome in the end.

Remember, all is not lost if you get a knowledgeable lawyer working for you right away. Call an experienced CO DUI attorney for a free consultation. A skilled CO DUI attorney can explain that there are often many loopholes in the state’s case. In fact, some evidence against you is not as strong as you might think it is. Chemical tests and field sobriety test results are key pieces of evidence that are often used to DEFEND your CO DUI!

WARNING: Your license could be taken away after a Colorado drunk driving arrest. Not only does your DUI arrest means you will have a criminal case, it also means that you will have to fight for your right to drive. In Colorado, you only have SEVEN days to request a hearing with the DMV. If you don’t make this request within those seven days, your license will be suspended. That’s why it’s important to speak with a skilled DUI lawyer who can help you save your license.

An experienced CO DUI attorney knows how to take apart the state’s case. A CO DUI lawyer is experienced with Colorado drunk driving laws and is ready to help you understand your case.

An experienced CO DUI attorney will work to get the best results in your CO DUI case. Remember, the prosecution has the burden of proof. This is why you need a lawyer who knows how to dissect the state’s evidence. Call an experienced CO DUI attorney now for a free consultation. You may find out that you have a chance at escaping these charges without serious consequences.  

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