Middlesex County, Connecticut DUI attorney, Jeffrey Jowdy

Connecticut DUI lawyer, Jeffrey Jowdy
Firm Name: JOWDY & JOWDY
Address: 67 West Street
Danbury, Connecticut 06810
Office #: 1-800-DWI-LAWS

Professional highlights:

  • 17 years of criminal defense experience
  • Defended 1,000 clients in 40+ courts in Connecticut and New York
  • Lectures at the “People’s Law School”
  • Special advanced training for DWI trials


“Jeffrey Jowdy, of Jowdy & Jowdy law firm served as my lawyer when I was a teen and got into some serious trouble. Mr. Jowdy worked long and hard on my case. My family and I are sure no other lawyer could have done as fine a job. The outcome of my case was the best it could have possibly been. Mr. Jowdy, was available to speak to me and my parents answering our many questions and concerns. I am a man now and when I think of Jeff Jowdy after knowing him not just as a lawyer but as a caring human being, I would tell anyone this is a family run firm. It is apparent when you see the family all working together that family is important to them. They understand family and do the best they can for their clients. Jeffrey Jowdy is the man to call if you ever get in trouble with the law and need help. My family and I would not have gotten through that time in our lives without Jeffrey Jowdy. I regard him not as just a lawyer but as a friend.” I. S.

“Everyone at Jowdy & Jowdy has displayed the utmost professionalism and true concern for our needs. Thanks for your understanding.” T. J. W.

“Jeff and his staff have consulted my family through a number of difficult situations all ending in the best possible result. The team at Jowdy & Jowdy are knowledgeable, professional, and always available. I highly recommend them.” L. D.

“My family has been represented by Jeffrey and John Jowdy. Our experience has been outstanding. They have gone above and beyond for us. I have all the trust and faith in these two fine attorneys. I highly recommend both of them.” K. C.

“The attorneys at Jowdy & Jowdy are calm, courteous, helpful, and friendly with a high- level of professionalism. They truly understand their client’s needs and feelings. They always made me feel like I was their most important client or their only client. They are accessible and prompt in responding to phone calls, emails, and requests for meetings. They always have full knowledge of the issue, and were always fair and honest with me.” L. P.

A Middletown DUI is a serious matter that requires the help of an experienced DUI lawyer. Remember, if you don’t hire an attorney who has knowledge of DUI cases, you may as well just plead guilty. Giving up is not an option when you have a skilled Middlesex County DUI lawyer on your side. You’ll see. You can fight and win your case if you get help right away. You can even save your license and stay out of jail! Skilled Connecticut DUI attorneys can help you.

You are not alone if you have been pulled over for a Middletown DUI. Maybe it happened on a holiday. Police patrol the streets and highways in full force during certain holidays – holidays that are known for being big drinking days:

Top Five Holidays Where You Will DEFINITELY Get Pulled Over For DUI

  1. New Years Eve/Day. So this one is self-explanatory. Everyone drinks on New Years. Police know this. So watch out for police hiding on the streets and DUI checkpoints all over.
  2. St. Patrick’s Day. Here is another day where drinking is so prevalent, that police officers make sure to be patrolling popular bars where folks are out celebrating.
  3. Fourth of July. Whether it is at a barbecue or at a bar after the fireworks, police know a lot of drinking is going on. They are prepared to nab people who are drinking and driving.
  4. Thanksgiving. Here’s another holiday where police are expecting DUIs on the road. Most people spend this holiday with family and oftentimes have too much to drink.
  5. Christmas. Surprisingly enough, with so many people off of work and so many holiday parties, a lot of drinking and driving happens during Christmas season. Police are ready for this as well.

After being pulled over for a Middlesex County DUI, there is not a lot to celebrate. But you don’t have to give up or give in. You can fight your Middletown DUI charges with the help of Jeffrey Jowdy. He has more than 17 years of experiencing fighting for hundreds of DUI clients all over Connecticut. With his help, you can fight and win your Connecticut DUI case.

Life can get much more complex after a Middletown DUI arrest. You can lose your license and so much more. Consequences for a Connecticut DUI are life changing. The reality is if you are convicted of a DUI you may lose your job and your freedom as well. But before you give up on your case, talk to Connecticut DUI attorney Jeffrey Jowdy about the charges against you. You may be surprised to find out how he can defend it and save you from serious punishments.

These days, you will not find a sympathetic prosecutor or police officer. Lawmakers are working each and every day to make DUI laws tougher. That means in order to minimize the effects of your Middletown DUI charges you will need the help of a seasoned Middlesex County DUI attorney right away. Take the time to speak with Jeffrey Jowdy today. It is possible that he could make these charges go away completely! Find out what Jeffrey Jowdy can do for you right away. It could mean the difference between a clean record and a conviction!

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