Questions To Ask Your New Haven DUI Defense Lawyer

  1. What can really happen to me, a first time offender, if I’m convicted of a New Haven DUI? This is no joke. There are extreme consequences for a Connecticut DUI. In New Haven, first time offenders can pay fines of up to $1000. You can lose your license for a year and you can even end up in jail. First time offenders are not excused and will pay the price if convicted.

  2. What if I am a repeat offender? Consequences for a repeat offender are much more severe. You can lose your license PERMANENTLY after a New Haven DUI conviction. You can spend 3 years behind bars and pay fines as high as $8,000!

  3. Is there any hope in defending my case if my blood alcohol content was above the legal limit? Even if your BAC was over .08%, you can still fight and win your CT DUI case. A knowledgeable New Haven DUI lawyer knows how to combat that evidence, by attacking the police officer who took your BAC and the equipment he used to obtain it.

  4. Should I plead guilty? NO! Definitely not. Pleading guilty is the biggest mistake you can make. Remember, if you do plead guilty, it means you will be considered CONVICTED of a New Haven DUI. A conviction equals a mark on your permanent record and a punishment of some sort. This isn’t a good idea. You should take the time to fight your DUI case. You could walk away with a completely clean record.

  5. Are there really defenses for DUIs that work? The answer is yes. There are proven defenses that work for most New Haven DUI cases. Skilled Connecticut DUI lawyers can fight the charges against you. They will get you the best possible outcome in your case.

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