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The Worst Consequences of a New London County DUI Conviction

  1. You will end up pay a lot of money. When you are convicted of a Groton DUI, you may be forced to pay a fine. Even a first time offender could be fined as much as $1000. A repeat offender may have to pay as much as $8,000.

  2. You lose your license for an extended period of time. There is a minimum of 1 year without a driver’s license if you are convicted of a Connecticut DUI. Repeat offenders could lose their license PERMANENTLY!

  3. You lose your job. This is a real possibility. Although the loss of a job is not imposed by the courts, your employer may decide to fire you after a DUI conviction. Remember, if you are unable to drive to work, or you are in jail, your job is at stake.

  4. You end up in jail. This is the ultimate punishment for a New London County DUI conviction. There is a possibility of a year in jail for first time offenders. Repeat offenders could end up spending 3 years behind bars!

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