BAC Levels and DUI

Blood alcohol content, or concentration, tests are the primary method police officers and law enforcement officials use in proving whether a driver is driving under the influence of alcohol. There are several tests that police officers may use when determining the BAC levels of an individual. A breathalyzer is the most common method used because the breath analyzer machine is portable and can provides quick estimations of BAC levels and whether a driver should be arrested for DUI. Chemical, blood, and urine tests are also used by law enforcement officials when probable cause warrants it. These tests are more accurate than breathalyzers because they measure bodily fluids or hair samples in a laboratory and may also detect other substances as well as BAC.
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Legal BAC Limit

The legal blood alcohol content/concentration (BAC) limit in this country varies by state. However, most have set the limit at .08. The reason for this is that when an individual's BAC is more than .08, he or she is subject to effects from the alcohol that impair his/her ability to drive a motor vehicle, his/her ability to react to external stimuli like pedestrians or other vehicles, and his/her ability to accurately judge distances is hampered.  

Effects of Alcohol

When someone drinks alcohol, BAC level rise. Simply put, the more you drink, the more the alcohol effects you and impairs your ability to adequately drive a car. The following is a quick look at how alcohol effects a person.
  • Euphoria: This is the first stage that the individual will be in if they are intoxicated.  This is characterized by the individual being laid back, confident and showing little inhibitions. BAC levels are .03-.12 percent. 
  • Lethargy: This is when an intoxicated individual starts to stumble and lose their perfect vision. The individual will seem sleepy. BAC levels are .09-.23 percent. 
  • Confusion: The intoxicated individual is typically very emotional and dizzy. They show signs of nausea as well. Their BAC level is anywhere from .17-.28 percent. 
  • Stupor: This is a serious stage, the individual is losing consciousness and then regaining consciousness over and over again. This stage can lead to a coma potentially. The BAC levels of this stage are anywhere from .25-.39 percent. 
  • Coma: The individual is unconscious in this stage and have very poor reflexes. The BAC levels range from .35-.5 percent.
  • Death: This stage may lead to fatality if their BAC level is over .5 percent. The central nervous system typically fails.

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