DUI and Insurance Rates

If you have been convicted of a DUI, then there is a good chance that your insurance rates will be affected. Your insurance may be canceled altogether, or you may even lose your driving privileges. In these cases, higher insurance rates are no longer as significant. However, the consequences are decided on a case by case basis. If this is your first offence, your rates might not even go up by that much. It is important that you educate yourself on the possible outcome of your conviction so that you can begin planning what you’re going to do.
If you or someone you know has been charged with a DUI, contact a DUI lawyer in your area today.

Effects of a DUI Conviction

After a DUI conviction, you will be regarded as a high risk driver. Your auto insurance company will most likely raise your coverage rates. If it becomes too expensive, you may be forced to look for a cheaper insurance policy.

Factors in Determining Your Insurance Rate

If your driving record is bad, your insurance rate will go up. DUI convictions appear on your driving record and count against you. It will remain on your record indefinitely. However, insurance companies and employers usually just check a certain amount of time such as five years. Although a single DUI conviction will slightly increase your rate, multiple will cause a more dramatic increase. If you have too many, you will likely be denied an insurance policy altogether.

Your Insurance May Be Canceled

Although rare for a single DUI conviction, when you have too many on your record your insurance company may cancel your policy. This, in turn, may make it harder to find another insurance company that will cover you. If you do find a company willing to cover you, the rates will likely be extremely high.

Time Delay

It may take some time before your insurance company even notices your conviction. It is also possible that it may never be discovered. Some possible reasons for this are:
  • Lack of communication between DMV and courts
  • Attending Defensive Driving School erased the conviction
  • Plea bargain to reduce charge
  • The state doesn't require the SR-22 form to be filled out

Possible Loss of Driving Privileges

In some cases, your driving privilege may be taken away for a period of time. On top of this, the former driver might have to purchase high risk insurance during that revocation period. Although you will not need insurance at all as you will be forbidden from driving, it will be necessary for the return of your driving privileges.

Get Legal Help

Trying to predict how your insurance rates will change is difficult. Each case is different, and so is each insurance company. Contact a local DUI lawyer today to see what you can do to keep you insurance and to keep your rates low.

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