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1 800 DUI LAWS1 800 DUI LAWS is an association of qualified DUI and DWI defense lawyers, and a resource for those accused of DUI, DWI, drunk driving, or driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

Unlike the Yellow Pages, who will allow anyone with a checkbook to advertise their services, 1 800 DUI LAWS only accepts DUI lawyers with the knowledge and experience to defend drunk driving cases. In order to be approved as a member attorney, lawyers must meet and maintain the following standards:

  1. Devote a majority of their practice to drunk driving defense.
  2. Attend a minimum of 25 hours per year of continuing legal DUI / DWI defense education.
  3. Have a minimum of five years legal experience.
  4. Be licensed and in good standing with their respective state bars.

1 800 DUI LAWS is also an invaluable tool for anyone that stands accused of DUI / DWI, or a related drunk driving offense. Whether you need information about finding a well-qualified DUI / DWI attorney to defend a drunk driving case or a bail bondsman to release a loved one charged with a DUI / DWI, 1 800 DUI LAWS can help. If you need information about your state’s drunk driving laws, the breathalyzer and other machines used for breath testing in DUI cases, help understanding the Field Sobriety Tests and how they relate to DUI defense, or help with renting a car, getting auto insurance, or anything else related to drunk driving cases, you’ve come to the right place. 1 800 DUI LAWS has the information you’re looking for.

Read our Mission Statement HERE. We are here to help in your time of need.


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