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DUI Schools in Kentucky The Kentucky DUI Technical support for Improvement in Professional Services (T.I.P.S.) Section is the government office within the Division of Substance Abuse that is responsible for monitoring and regulating the statewide network of 100+ Driving Under the Influence (DUI) programs licensed and certified to provide alcohol and other drug assessments, education and treatment services to persons convicted of DUI. For more information visit Kentucky DUI T.I.P.S. Section and Division of Substance Abuse web site.

DUI Schools in Kentucky There are three (3) sections to the Directory of DUI Programs:

  • Section I (*PDF file) is a numerical list of DUI programs and their program codes;
  • Section II (*PDF file) is an alphabetical list of DUI programs, their administrators, administrators' mailing addresses, telephone numbers, and a list of their assessment centers; and
  • Section III (*PDF file) is a county listing of DUI assessment service centers including the services delivered at each site, and the maximum fee charged for each service.

There are other licensed treatment programs in the state that provide alcohol or other drug abuse treatment. However, if a program is not listed in the directory the program is not certified to conduct DUI assessments or education. The only programs in Kentucky certified to conduct DUI assessments & education in order to obtain your driving privileges back are listed in this directory.

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