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Online DUI School, Inc. was formed with one mission in mind... educate drivers to the perils and inherent risks associated with drinking and driving. Our philosophy is simple: if you don't drink and drive, this course will help to reinforce your opinions. If you do it or have done it before, the course will be an eye-opener that will scare you sober.

Online DUISchool.com operates across the country with both state and court approval. Our programs are written by staff writers with traffic safety experience. Utilizing material from private and public agencies, the programs aim to teach about drinking and driving laws, ramifications, and reasons.

Our sister company, The On-Line Traffic School, Inc., began the industry of driver improvement on the Internet in 1997. Since that time, they have expanded to 29 states nationally, graduating nearly 1,000,000 students (approaching 1,500,000 when including walk-in class students). Online DUISchool.com has taken advantage of that experience and incorporated many of the same online educational techniques they employ. Our company principals have been involved in the traffic safety business since 1987, with a knowledge base of over 50 years.

Our company boasts a large full-time team of web developers, writers and administrators, and our websites are hosted on a company-owned network of servers, all redundant and balanced to ensure site uptime.

Whether it is technical support, clarification on a test question, or just assistance in navigating through the site, knowledgeable staff is always standing by.

Online DUISchool.com was developed as a result of many court inquiries regarding the availability of drinking and driving education online. Drinking and driving is an ever-present problem on our roads. Education is the best place to start in curtailing this growing threat to our safety. Online DUISchool.com is a thorough, current, comprehensive and serious program dedicated to changing the attitudes and habits of those with an occasional or habitual problem with alcohol.

OnlineDUISchool.com - RegisterStaff writers have researched countless articles and legal journals with the goal of presenting an intelligent and captivating look at the consequences and ramifications of drinking and driving. The numerous courses deal with moral and legal issues, reasons for the act, in addition to potential treatment. Course participants will graduate from the program with a better understanding of the ramifications associated with the dangerous act of drinking and driving.


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