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1 800 DUI LAWS Following conviction, all DUI offenders are required to have an alcohol assessment to determine the nature and extent of their alcohol problems. The offender pays for the assessment.

1 800 DUI LAWS The assessment is conducted most frequently at pre-trial. The court takes the results of the assessment into consideration in final sentencing.

1 800 DUI LAWS Assessments are conducted by the Behavioral Health Center, licensed by the Department of Health and Human Resources, a private agency subcontracted by the DMV, or the probation office.

1 800 DUI LAWS Any offender who participates in the ignition interlock program must complete a safety and treatment program.

1 800 DUI LAWS DUI offenders must successfully complete alcohol/drug education or alcohol/drug treatment in order to reinstate their driver’s licenses.

1 800 DUI LAWS People who refuse to submit to a chemical test must successfully complete an alcohol education or treatment program before their driver’s licenses can be reinstated.

1 800 DUI LAWS Offenders failing to comply with the terms of their program are not eligible for license reinstatement and may be returned to the court for further action.

1 800 DUI LAWS West Virginia has a dedicated detention and treatment facility that targets the hardcore drunk driver. Pinecrest Hospital is for felony DUI offenders with 3 or more DUI convictions. It is a prison hospital that provides alcohol treatment.

BEWARE: Completing an alcohol program may not satisfy the DMV. That is just one reason why it is critical that you consult with a lawyer in your area that concentrates on DUI / DWI defense.

Name Address Telephone Web site
United Summit Center 6 Hospital Plaza,
Clarksburg, WV 26301
800 786-6480
304 623-5661
Valley HealthCare System 28 Oakwood Rd,
Fairmont, WV 26554
800 232-0020
304 366-7174
Prestera Center for MH Services Inc 1420 Washington Ave,
Huntington, WV 25704
304 525-1522 prestera.org
Valley Healthcare System 301 Scott Ave,
Morgantown, WV 26505
800 232-0020
304 296-1731
Prestera Center for MH Services Inc 715 Main St,
Point Pleasant, WV 25550
304 675-2361 prestera.org
Potomac Highlands MH Guild Inc 850 North High St,
Romney, WV 26757
800 545-4357
304 822-3897
United Summit Center 602 Main St,
Sutton, WV 26601
800 786-6480
304 762-2801
This list is provided for convenience and informational purposes only. We do not recommend or endorse any specific DUI / DWI school listed.


Drunk driving defense is a very specialized area of law; if you or someone you care about has is facing a DUI charge, it is important to speak to a lawyer who is skilled in defending drunk driving cases.


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