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The unthinkable has happened to you – an arrest in Bulloch County for a Georgia DUI. Now you are left to pick up the pieces. You may be wondering: what will happen to me? What will change in my life? What will my family and friends think? But most of all, you may be asking yourself – where do I turn now to get out of this horrific situation? Well if you’ve been arrested for a DUI in Georgia, defense attorney Travis Saul can help. He knows all about Georgia DUI laws, and how to build a defense in your DUI case. Contact experienced DUI lawyer Travis Saul who knows how to fight for your rights and understands how to navigate the Bulloch County court system.

Here’s something you may not have realized. There are a number of ways a defense lawyer can chip away at the prosecution’s case. In order to prove guilt, a prosecutor usually focuses on four main things: your driving pattern, your physical appearance, the field sobriety test and the chemical test results. Experienced DUI defense lawyers know how to attack each one of these pieces of evidence in order to create a reasonable doubt.

Were you speeding when the officer pulled you over for your DUI? If you were, that could be key in getting evidence thrown out in your trial. Why? Well speeding isn’t recognized as a drunk driving pattern. That means if the police officer pulled you over for speeding, there may not have been probable cause to make an arrest for DUI.

Travis Saul knows how to make holes in the state’s case. He understands what pieces of evidence should be attacked. Working with Travis Saul may make your chances of getting a more favorable outcome a lot better. Experienced DUI lawyers know how to take apart the prosecution’s case.

Travis Saul has handled hundreds of trials and hearings in Georgia, and has the experience you need to effectively fight your drunk driving charge. With his extensive experience as a prosecutor, Travis Saul has the unique ability to look at both sides of your case. He was an assistant solicitor general in Richmond County and Chief Assistant Solicitor General in metro Atlanta for three years.

It’s important to realize that being arrested for a Georgia DUI is a serious issue. There is so much at stake. That’s because Georgia DUI laws are no joke. The punishments for a DUI in Georgia are extremely severe. But more than just possible jail time and losing your license, you may not realize that simply pleading guilty to a DUI charge can set you back thousands and thousands of dollars. That’s because after pleading guilty to a Bulloch County DUI, there are so many costs you will be responsible for, including fines, alcohol education courses, installing an ignition interlock system, and being dropped by your insurance company. You could even lose your job.  This is why it is imperative that a Georgia DUI lawyer like Travis Saul advises you of what to do. In the end, any attorney fees will amount to much less than these exorbitant costs. That’s why it’s a mistake to just give up and plead guilty. Instead, talk to Travis Saul for a free consultation right away.

Georgia DUI laws are harsh. But giving up means that you will be convicted of a DUI. If you don’t fight back, there is a 100 percent chance of a conviction. If you hire an experienced lawyer like Travis Saul, you have someone fighting for your rights and working to get a better outcome in your case.

Remember, after your DUI in Georgia, Travis Saul will fight to protect rights, your reputation, your job and your driver’s license because he knows the law and understands police procedure. As soon as Travis Saul takes your case, he will put the prosecution’s evidence, police report, and breath machine or blood lab procedures under the microscope to find any issue that can be used to fight for justice.  Travis Saul is willing to go to whatever length possible to protect his client’s rights. Now Travis Saul is available to help you. Don’t waste another second worrying about your DUI case.

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