DUI Tips to Consider after your DUI in Clarke County

Remember to speak with a skilled drunk driving attorney after your arrest for drinking and driving!

A DUI in Georgia is nothing to take lightly and so the same goes if you receive a DUI in Clarke County as well. Because of the tough punishments you face, it is important that you speak with a local drunk driving attorney as soon as you are able to after your arrest. They will work to build a strong defense for your case. It is also important, however, that you be educated on your Clarke County DUI. With this in mind, there are several things that a Clarke County officer would just as soon you not be aware of when you are pulled over for drinking and driving.

Here are some tips to remember:

  • You are required to provide the officer with your insurance, registration and license information. You do not have to provide anything else when you are pulled over. If you are told anything different then you should be sure to mention it to your Clarke County DUI lawyer.
  • Do not agree to take any field sobriety tests as they are voluntary and they are not easy even for sober subjects.
  • Do not admit to drinking anything.
  • If you must answer any questions, try using hand gestures or nod or shake your head rather than speaking so the officer cannot say your speech was slurred.
  • Do not allow the police officer to push you to answer any questions since what you say can be used as evidence against you. Simply let the office know you prefer to speak with a lawyer before answering any questions.
  • Be calm and polite to the law enforcement officer throughout the incident. If you end up causing trouble, you could jeopardize your case.
  • When the time comes for you to make a phone call from jail, remember not to call your friends or family. Instead, contact your Clarke County DUI defense lawyer so they can begin preparing your defense.

Make a report of all of the details of the ordeal before, during and after your arrest. This will be important information for your lawyer to have for your case.

The penalties of a Clarke County DUI can make your future look not so pleasant. Therefore, if you have been arrested for a DUI in Clarke County, make sure you speak with a successful drunk driving attorney right away. At 1.800.DUI.LAWS, we have talented, trustworthy DUI lawyers who will compete to assist you. Do not wait any longer. Call now!

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