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Filing An "Appeal" (Request For Hearing)

A timely appeal or request for hearing must be made within 10 business days. It must include certain basic driver identification information (name, address, phone, license number, date of birth), but should also state the "grounds" or reasons for appealing. The grounds for REFUSAL appeals are not identical to the grounds for ALS appeals. To set forth all available grounds, an attorney's assistance is needed. Dozens of potential issues may be raised in the appeal letter.

Upon the completion of the WRITTEN appeal, it should be either:

  • Hand delivered to 2206 East View Parkway, Conyers, GA 30013 (ALWAYS OBTAIN A RECEIPT FOR DELIVERY)
    **directions to the Conyers DMVS
  • Sent by certified mail, return receipt requested, and be POSTMARKED within the 10 business day time period. (Don't just drop it in a mailbox, and keep no record of it being received at the Post Office.)
    The address for certified mail is:
    Georgia Department of Motor Vehicle Safety
    Post Office Box 80447
    Conyers, GA 30013

As an extra precaution you can FAX a request for hearing to 404 624-7848. However, a fax request should not be relied upon as the official appeal notice, since the law doesn't specifically authorize this method of filing the appeal. We recommend using either certified mail or personal hand delivery (with a signed receipt).

The reinstatement of your driver's license requires the payment of a fine. You must mail the ORIGINAL certificate of completion of sentence, the original proof of completion of the Risk Reduction course, and a $200 reinstatement fee (cashier's check, certified check or money order) to:

Georgia Department of Motor Vehicle Safety
Post Office Box 80447
Conyers, GA 30013

(Caution: Always keep copies of these documents. Always send it by certified U.S. mail, return receipt requested. Always keep your postage receipt, so that you can show that it was timely sent.)
Note: If the certificate is presented in person at the Department of Motor Vehicle Safety the reinstatement fee will be $210.00. They only accept cash, cashier's checks, certified checks, or money orders. Lines are long, and one to three hour waits are common.

If no fee is required, mail the ORIGINAL certificate of completion to:

Georgia Department of Motor Vehicle Safety
Post Office Box 80447
Conyers, GA 30013

The following ten Department of Public Safety locations will handle walk-in reinstatements and conduct driving tests for "revoked" drivers:

  • Main Office
    2206 East View Parkway
    Conyers, GA 30013
  • Albany Patrol Post
    Exam Station
  • Augusta Patrol Post
    Exam Station
  • Columbus Patrol Post
    Exam Station
  • Dalton Patrol Post
    Exam Station
  • Dublin Patrol Post
    Exam Station
  • Gainesville Patrol Post
    Exam Station
  • Macon Patrol Post
    Exam Station
  • Savannah Patrol Post
    Exam Station
  • Waycross Patrol Post
    Exam Station

In addition to these locations, Georgia "ID" cards and license replacement (for misplaced or renewed licenses) may be procured at certain Kroger locations statewide. Check your local directory.

For any questions regarding the status of your Georgia driver's license call the Georgia department of public safety computerized information line 404 657-9300 from any touch-tone phone.
For questions about your Georgia driving status not subject to computer verification or response, please call 404 624-7580 or 404 624-7849 or 404 624-7565 (during business hours)

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