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What to Do if you Have Been Arrested for a DUI in Georgia:

Don’t Plead Guilty. If you plead guilty or no contest to a GA DUI charge, you’ll find yourself in a lot of trouble. You’ll lose the ability to drive and will be forced to pay some very expensive fines. You may even be required to spend time in jail. This is why it is necessary to fight your GA DUI charges.

Hire a GA DUI Attorney. If you don’t want to pay the serious consequences of a GA DUI, you must hire an experienced GA DUI attorney. A GA DUI attorney has the experience and skills to aggressively fight your DUI case. By hiring a legal expert you greatly improve your chances of getting your GA DUI charges reduced or dropped.

Save Your Driver’s License. It is very easy to lose your GA driver’s license after a DUI arrest. In order to avoid getting your license suspended, you must contact the Department of Driver Services and set up an administrative hearing. A GA DUI lawyer can assist you with this process. Don’t delay. Talk to an experienced GA DUI attorney today.

 Georgia Court Information and Locations

To find detailed information about courts in Georgia that click on the following link: Georgia Courts Listing.

Georgia Arrest and Release

If someone you care about has been arrested, please contact the police department, where the arrestee is being held, for more detailed information.

Other Georgia Resources

There are a variety of special problems that arise following a drunk driving, DUI, or DWI arrest. It may be necessary to use a bail bondsman to help a friend or loved one gain release from custody. Renting a car may be difficult (although we know of several companies that will do so), as is getting car insurance. There may be a requirement to attend special alcohol programs, or AA meetings.

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