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A GA DUI can be a terrifying experience that could haunt you for the rest of your life.  It is probably playing over and over again in your head – police sirens, handcuffs, the cold, dark jail cell, and now the looming charges. If you’ve been arrested for a GA DUI, you must contact skilled and experienced Georgia DUI attorney Travis Saul. He knows all about Georgia DUI laws and how to navigate the Richmond County court system. He will fight for you every step of the way. Contact Travis Saul now to discuss the facts of your DUI case.

Do not hesitate to start fighting your Georgia DUI charge.  There is a very strict time limit of only a few days in which you must request an administrative hearing or lose your license for up to one year! That’s right, even without a conviction in criminal court you may lose your license.  An attorney can help explain the administrative system and request a hearing for you. 

A GA DUI arrest can bring you fines, a driver’s license suspension, and even time in jail, so it’s critical to have an experienced defense lawyer looking out for your best interests. Augusta, Georgia DUI attorney Travis Saul has handled hundreds of trials and hearings, and has the experience you need to effectively fight your drunk driving charge.
With his extensive experience as a prosecutor, Mr. Saul has the unique ability to look at both sides of your GA DUI case. He was an assistant solicitor general in Richmond County and Chief Assistant Solicitor General in metro Atlanta for three years.

In addition to a stellar legal career, Augusta, Georgia DUI attorney Travis Saul, has an impressive educational background, as well.  He graduated from the University of Georgia and earned his law degree from the Cumberland School of Law. He is licensed to practice in the Supreme Court of Georgia, Georgia Court of Appeals, United States District Court for the Southern District of Georgia, and all Superior and State Courts throughout the State of Georgia.
Mr. Saul defends GA DUI cases throughout Richmond and Columbia counties, He is a member of the State Bar of Georgia, Augusta Bar Association, Georgia Association of Criminal Defense lawyers, and the Defense of Drinking Drivers Institute.

A GA DUI arrest can negatively impact your life for years to come, but it doesn’t have to. For answers to all of your questions about aggressive drunk driving defense, please contact Mr. Saul today at 1.800.DUILAWS for a free consultation.

Why should you hire me?

"As a former prosecutor, I thoroughly understand the state’s approach to GA DUI cases, and will use that knowledge to aggressively fight for your freedom and rights. There’s no substitute for experience when it comes to GA DUI defense. Many defense lawyers will tell you that they’re experienced in drunk driving defense, but will simply help you to plead guilty. I promise to defend you against your GA DUI charge in the way that you expect and deserve.

I know that your GA DUI arrest is one of the most stressful experiences of your life, and will take the time to communicate with you throughout your case so that you’re always aware of the status of your case. To learn more about effective Georgia DUI defense, please contact me today for a free consultation."

Georgia Court Information and Locations

Mr. Travis Saul is admitted to practice in all Georgia State and Federal Courts.

Georiga DUI defense attorney Travis Saul most frequently practices law in the following counties: Columbia and Richmond Counties.


Georgia Courts, Links to Georgia's Judicial and Legal system:
Supreme Court of Georgia Supreme Court of Georgia - The Supreme Court of Georgia's primary role is to decide cases appealed to it from the lower courts.
Council of Juvenile Court Judges of Georgia Council of Juvenile Court Judges of Georgia - The Council of Juvenile Court Judges of Georgia was established in 1982 by OCGA 15-11-19 to provide to juvenile courts through legal research services, legislative tracking, and specialized programs to assist in protecting the best interest of children and the state.
Court of Appeals of Georgia Court of Appeals of Georgia - The Court of Appeals of Georgia was established in 1906, Ga. Laws, p.24, by an amendment to the State Constitution submitted to the electorate to provide for the establishment of a Court of Appeals, and to define its powers and jurisdiction; to define the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court and for other purposes.
Judicial Branch of Georgia Judicial Branch of Georgia - An introduction to all levels of Georgia's court system: Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, Superior Courts, State Courts, Juvenile Courts, Probate Courts, Magistrate Courts and Municipal Courts.
Department of Juvenile Justice Department of Juvenile Justice - The fundamental purpose of the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) is to serve and protect the citizens of Georgia.

Georgia Arrest and Release

If someone you care about has been arrested, please visit the Georgia Department of Corrections inmate search for detailed information.


Other Georgia Resources

There are a variety of special problems that arise following a drunk driving, DUI, or DWI arrest. It may be necessary to use a bail bondsman to help a friend or loved one gain release from custody. Renting a car may be difficult (although we know of several companies that will do so), as is getting car insurance. There may be a requirement to attend special alcohol programs, or AA meetings.

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