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WARNING: No doubt losing your freedom and your license are consequences that are extremely severe for anyone following a Kalawao County DUI. But both of these things can happen. Right now, the best thing you can do to combat your Hawaii DUI charges is to get a skilled lawyer working for you. Not sure exactly what kind of defense you have? Noah Fiddler will evaluate your case free of charge.

Noah Fiddler is a skilled lawyer with 28 years of experience fighting DUI cases exclusively! He will give you all the facts about your DUI in Hawaii, DUI laws and what they mean for your specific case. Did you know that even before you were pulled over, you consented to a chemical test of your alcohol level? This is what is called implied consent. Once you are driving in Hawaii, it is assumed that you understand that a police office will test you for alcohol if the officer believes you may be intoxicated. If you refuse your chemical test, that refusal could be held against you – it’s called “consciousness of guilt.” If you took the test and your BAC was .08% or higher, you need to get a skilled defense lawyer working for you. Talk to Noah Fiddler right away. He can help.

Remember, in Hawaii, penalties become extremely severe if you are a repeat offender who has been convicted within 5 years of your last offense. In fact, your fourth DUI will be treated as a felony. That means as much as 5 years behind bars!

Your arrest and how police officers handled it is a huge part of your defense. In fact, everything from your chemical test to your field sobriety test will be taken apart by Noah Fiddler. Fighting a Hawaii DUI case requires knowledge and understanding of DUI defense. That includes the science behind chemical testing and field sobriety testing. Hawaii DUI lawyer Noah Fiddler has the knowledge you need to effectively attack your drunk driving charge. He has been defending DUI cases in Hawaii for so long that he has earned the respect of prosecutors, cops and judges alike.

Noah Fiddler has been a lawyer for more than 28 years. With all this time in the field of DUI law, Noah Fiddler has successfully fought hundreds of DUI cases. Now he is available to help you save your license and your freedom.

BEWARE! Even if you don’t live in Hawaii, you could lose your license in your home state! Thanks to the Interstate Driver's License Compact, even if you were arrested for DUI on vacation or during business, you can lose your license in your home state. Plus, you could lose your license if your case is not handled properly. That’s why when fighting your Kalawao County DUI you should considering working with Noah Fiddler. He has so much experience with DUI in Hawaii cases, and he will work to save your driver’s license.

There are so many reasons that it is NECESSARY to get an experienced DUI lawyer working on your Kalawao County DUI case. Take a moment to consider this: If you are convicted of a Hawaii DUI, your life will take a serious turn for the worse. Without a driver’s license, your job and your family will suffer. You could be hit with big time fines. You may even end up in jail. These are things that should be taken seriously. But whether this is your first DUI or you are a repeat offender, you do have the chance to escape many of these punishments. How? Take the time to talk with skilled DUI lawyer Noah Fiddler right away. He understands your plight and will sympathize with the fact that this was a something you never thought could happen to you. Remember, a knowledgeable Kalawao County DUI lawyer like Noah Fiddler will build you a strong defense.

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