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When you are pulled over and arrested for a Kauai DUI, there are serious consequences. First off, you only have a short time to try and secure your license after a Hawaii DUI. That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Hawaii drunk driving laws. You may have to pay big fines. You could end up attending alcohol education classes. You might even go to jail. But even if you think the evidence against you is unbeatable, take the time to speak with Noah Fiddler today. A skilled DUI lawyer like Noah Fiddler can combat the state’s evidence.

NOTE: There are tons of myths surrounding DUI cases. But if you have been arrested for a Kauai DUI, you should know that you can build a solid defense against your charges. Despite Hawaii drunk driving laws and the prosecutors who are trying to enforce them, there are attorneys like Noah Fiddler who know the ins and outs of DUI defense. Your Hawaii DUI doesn’t have to mean the end of your career, your license or your livelihood.

In order to win a DUI case, you need a lawyer who is a specialist in DUI defense. Noah Fiddler has spent 28 fighting DUI cases exclusively. He is known far and wide in Hawaii as one of the best DUI lawyers. With nearly three decades of experience, Noah Fiddler has successfully fought hundreds of cases in Hawaii. If you are interested in learning how Noah Fiddler can defend you, call him today for a free consultation. You need a skilled lawyer like Noah Fiddler to help you fight your DUI charges.

How can a Hawaii DUI lawyer overcome the strong evidence against you? Well, take your BAC results for example. These tests are often conducted at the incorrect time. If an officer takes your blood alcohol level too late, the results may be much higher because the alcohol has had more time to absorb into your system. That means when you were driving, your level was actually below the legal limit. This is just one way a DUI defense attorney like Noah Fiddler will take apart the state’s evidence against you.

Field sobriety tests are another piece of evidence that a skilled defense attorney will go after. Police officers often perform these tests improperly. Additionally, many officers have not been re-certified in how to give these tests correctly. Remember, a field sobriety test is an optional test. You are not required to submit to these tests at the scene. Noah Fiddler can fight this evidence and build you a winning defense.

Noah Fiddler knows how to take apart the state’s case. He is experienced with Hawaii DUI laws, and he is ready to help you understand your case. When choosing a lawyer to fight your Hawaii drunk driving charges, consider Noah Fiddler. He is knowledgeable, skilled and has successfully defended many DUI cases in the Hawaii courts. Noah Fiddler will attack the evidence against you as he defends your charges. 

Noah Fiddler will work to get the best results in your Kauai DUI case. Remember, the prosecution has the burden of proof. This is why you need a lawyer who knows how to dissect the state’s evidence. Call Noah Fiddler now for a free consultation. You may find out that you have a chance at escaping these charges without serious consequences.

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