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Boone County is named after the great frontiersman Daniel Boone.  Therefore, the citizens of this area are proud of their heritage and appreciate those who abide by the laws of Indiana.  Therefore, if you drink and drive and receive an Indiana DWI, you should anticipate some harsh ramifications for your actions.  Punishments can include such things as having an ignition interlock system installed on your car, having your license taken away, going to jail, large fines, attending substance abuse classes, submitting to urine testing and more.  In addition, the State will most likely tempt you with a plea bargain.  It is important, however, to recognize that this will probably make their job easier but it may not be the best decision for you which is why you need to contact an experienced DWI lawyer to represent you.  

Below are some additional points the prosecution would rather you not know about your DWI in Boone County

  • Although their case against you is slim, they still will not be able to lessen the charges against you
  • They lack the witnesses they need in order to find you guilty
  • They are aware that you are not guilty of your Boone County DWI but will still attempt to convict you of it  
  • The evidence they have is not strong which means your case will most likely be dismissed
  • You did not complete any of the field sobriety tests which, in turn, made their job even more difficult
  • They flat out do not have the proof needed in order to convict you of your Boone County DWI

The burden of proof lies on the State's shoulders in order for you to be found guilty of your DWI in Boone County.  The difficulty of this increases by leaps and bounds if you have hired a talented DWI lawyer to assist you with your defense.  Call now so you can speak with the accomplished, trustworthy and local attorneys at  You will then be matched with up to three lawyers who not only specialize in Indiana DWI law but who will also compete to help you! 

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