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DUI in Lake County is nothing you should be laughing about.  Because of the severity of Indiana DUI laws, you need to begin preparing immediately after your arrest.  Consequences for a Lake County DUI can include having your driver's license suspended, spending time in jail, large fines, attending substance abuse classes, having an ignition interlock device installed on your automobile, probation and more.  Therefore, some of the first items you should have on your agenda after receiving your DUI should be to find a successful DUI attorney to represent you and to start working on getting your license back.  

Below are some details as to how you can go about preparing for your Department of Motor Vehicle administrative hearing for your Lake County DUI

  • You need to schedule your DMV administrative hearing as soon as you are able to after your Lake County DUI arrest as you have a limited time to complete this task.   
  • Before your hearing, be sure to find and consult with your drunk driving lawyer.  Hiring an attorney early in the DUI process is important so they can begin preparing for your defense. 
  • The DMV administrative hearing will determine if you will retain your driving privileges.  An administrative hearing official will preside over your case and will be the ultimate decision-maker as to whether you will be able to keep your license.  This is why it is essential to have your DUI attorney hired early on so they can begin assisting you with your case right away.  
  • The DMV administrative hearing is separate from the criminal portion of your case.  It is, therefore, important to understand that it does not determine whether you will be found guilty of your Lake County DUI.   

As you can see, getting a DUI in Lake County is a serious matter.  If you or someone you care about is facing Lake County DUI charges, make sure you contact a knowledgeable DUI attorney right away. Call 1.800.DUI.LAWS now and up to three, local, accomplished DUI lawyers will compete to work for you!  


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