Misinformation about your Marion County DUI

Marion County is the most populated county in Indiana and its citizens are proud of this fact.  Therefore, they do not appreciate those who do not follow the laws and this is very true for those individuals who drink and drive and end up with an Indiana DUI.  If you receive a DUI in Indianapolis or anywhere else in Marion County then you need to be prepared for penalties such as going to jail, massive fines, having your license taken away, having an ignition interlock system installed on your vehicle, attending substance abuse classes, submitting to urine testing and the list continues.  Therefore, you need to fight the charges against you and the best way to accomplish this task is to hire a talented Marion County DUI lawyer to represent you.  In addition, you will want to understand more about your Marion County DUI so you can better assist your attorney.   

If you do not feel that you have the right information about your DUI in Marion County, the information below may enlighten you: 

  • Your Marion County DUI is just like all the other cases- DUI cases are not easy because not only are the punishments harsh but they can be very complex as well which is why you need to hire a drunk driving attorney who specializes in Indiana DUI laws.  
  • The charges for a DUI in Marion County are fairly mild- If you are convicted of your DUI, you will be subject to the punishments listed above and it could even affect your future.  Some of the ways it could harm you in the future include not being able to travel outside of the United States, having your insurance rates increase, not being able to find employment and difficulties with getting a loan from a bank.  
  • You are not going to be able to win your case- If you get the feeling your attorney has this attitude then you may have made a mistake in hiring them.  Make sure your attorney has the education and training you need in order to build a solid defense for your case.        
  • Because you were charged with a Marion County DUI, you will be convicted- The State of Indiana has the burden of proof with regard to your case.  Do not feel that you will automatically be found guilty as there is likely much your drunk driving lawyer can do to help lessen or even eliminate the charges against you.  

Naturally, it is always best to refrain from driving under the influence.  However, if you have received a DUI in Marion County, you need to contact a DUI lawyer as soon as possible after your arrest.  Call now and up to three, devoted and accomplished attorneys at 1800duilaws.com in your area will compete to help you!  

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