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Sucking in Pennies Doesn't Work!

6 Indiana OWI Myths

1. MYTH: Some say sucking on pennies can lower your blood alcohol content.

TRUTH: Guess what! This is as ridiculous as it sounds. Doesn’t work – won’t save you if you are pulled over for DUI. So keep your coins in your pockets at all costs.

2. MYTH: Field sobriety tests are foolproof.

TRUTH: You are a fool if you believe this one. Field sobriety tests are completely unreliable. In fact, most police officers won’t tell you that these tests are actually voluntary. So if you are pulled over, don’t take a field sobriety test.

3. MYTH: Blood alcohol testing is an exact science.

TRUTH: Think again. Your BAC is often the most controversial part of the evidence against you. That’s because blood alcohol content depends on so many things to be accurate. Machines must be properly calibrated and the testing has to be done at the proper time.

4. MYTH: Indiana DUI cases cannot be won.

TRUTH: Because the hard evidence against you, like your BAC, is often debatable, DUI cases are often won if the right attorney is representing you.

5. MYTH: You will have to say the ABC’s backwards if you are arrested.

TRUTH: You will not have to perform this test. One test is saying the alphabet, but NOT backwards.

6. MYTH: If you refuse to take a breath or field sobriety test, your case will be dismissed.

TRUTH: Not true. The state can still prosecute you for DUI. In fact, the state will use this refusal against you in a court of law.


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