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6 Ways a DUI in Indiana Can RUIN Your Career:

  1. You could lose your license. How will you get to work without a driver’s license? You’ll need to rely on public transportation or a friend or family member. How inconvenient, not to mention embarrassing will that be.
  2. Your record. Remember, your DUI conviction will be on your record. Your employer will see that.
  3. Getting a new job. A DUI in Indiana will definitely inhibit your ability to find new employment. Imagine applying for a job with a criminal record! Won’t be easy to find a company to hire you.
  4. Driving is part of your job. Do you have a job that requires you to drive? A DUI means you won’t be able to drive, even for work. That could be the end of your career if driving is a large part of your work.
  5. Pleading guilty costs an arm and a leg. If you plead guilty to a Pulaski County DUI, you will end up shelling out a lot of money. That’s money you won’t be able to get back, especially if you are out of a job because of your DUI.
  6. Your reputation is on the line here. Many companies will not want an employee with a criminal record. You could lose your job because of your DUI.

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