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A Vermillion County DUI arrest can change your life, and it should be taken very seriously. Sometimes horrible things can happen to good people like you. Maybe it was a stroke of bad luck, but right now you are facing Indiana OWI charges. It’s no joke, especially because Indiana drunk driving laws are harsh. The police officer who arrested you for DUI doesn’t even need to have your BAC. In fact, you can be convicted simply for having signs of intoxication. But all is not lost if you get help immediately. Paul Stanko is one of the most sought after DUI attorneys in the entire state of Indiana. Now he is available to help you.

Right now, you are facing charges that could land you in jail. Remember, without a skilled Indiana OWI attorney on your side, you may end up with some serious consequences. Paul Stanko has the knowledge you want and need in a DUI attorney. He understands that a DUI conviction can ruin your life. Jail, fines, loss of your license, losing your car insurance and even your job are just some of the penalties if you are convicted of DUI in Indiana. Let Paul Stanko defend your case and get your life back to normal.

Paul Stanko’s law firm is dedicated to getting justice in your case. A DUI can happen to anyone, and Paul Stanko understands this. When hiring him, you will be getting a lawyer with experience in DUI defense. He makes it a point to stay up to date on the latest techniques in drunk driving defense. Paul Stanko has more than two decades of experience as a prosecutor, a judge and a defense attorney. He has successfully fought thousands of cases all over Indiana. Now he is using all his knowledge to protect folks just like you who are facing DUI charges in Indiana. Talk to Paul Stanko today about your specific case today.

Because Vermillion County DUI laws are so strict, you need to get an experienced lawyer who doesn’t dabble in DUI defense. DUI cases call for an attorney like Paul Stanko who understands how to attack the state’s evidence and how to counter any test results or other scientific evidence.

If you reach out to Paul Stanko in Vermillion County, you will find out that despite what you may think, a DUI case isn’t an automatic conviction. Working with a lawyer who has experience with the Indiana court system can help your case tremendously. Contact experienced DUI lawyer Paul Stanko today to discuss the facts of your DUI case and to start building a defense.

There’s another red flag following your DUI arrest. Your license could be taken away immediately. Your DUI arrest triggers two separate cases – your criminal case, and the fight to keep your license. Even if the police took your license at the scene, YOUR LICENSE IS STILL VALID. In fact, all you need to do is get a duplicate license and you can drive until your hearing. If you are concerned about losing your license, get the help of skilled DUI lawyer Paul Stanko.

There are a lot of myths that you may believe about your Indiana OWI case. One myth is that a DUI case can’t be won. But did you realize that even if the prosecution has evidence like chemical test results and a field sobriety test, it doesn’t mean it is a slam-dunk case? Yes, this is true. Indiana OWI attorney Paul Stanko will be able to challenge all of this evidence to create reasonable doubt. Don’t believe for a second that your BAC results are unbeatable evidence. A skilled DUI attorney like Paul Stanko will go after these test results as he fights for your rights.

Remember, Vermillion County DUI laws are unforgiving. Before you know it, you could lose your license and your freedom. There are also the strict fines that come along with a DUI conviction in Vermillion County. Indiana OWI penalties mean thousands of your hard-earned dollars could be lost. You could spend time in jail, even if you’ve never been arrested for DUI before. If you are a repeat offender convicted of Indiana OWI, you could spend years in state prison!

There is no doubt your Indiana OWI attorney will stand by you. Paul Stanko’s goal is to protect your job, your reputation and your license. Seeking out an extremely knowledgeable attorney who knows all about Vermillion County DUI charges and how to fight them is important. Paul Stanko has years experience fighting Vermillion County DUI cases. You need to have a skilled attorney if you want to have a chance at getting out of this mess. Call experienced DUI attorney Paul Stanko now for a free consultation. Find out how he will defend your DUI charges.

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