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Why an Indiana DUI or OWI Conviction is Generally Worse Than You Think

It’s an unfortunate misconception that a lot of people think an Indiana DUI does not have any serious penalties or repercussions if it did not result in any serious injury or damage. Many Indiana OWI offenders think that after a first or second DUI, they won’t need to get exceptional legal assistance. They believe that an Indiana drunk driving conviction will not have a serious impact on their lives.

However, this is not the case. Many people with Indiana DUI offenses encounter this realization when it is too late. Don’t let this happen to you. Hire an experienced Indiana DUI or OWI defense attorney to fight your charges.

Here’s why the DUI penalties for any drunk driving offense can ruin your life if a DUI is not fought with a criminal defense lawyer.

License Suspension – Even after a DUI that is a 1st offense, you can get your license suspended for six months or even up to a year. Think about all of the obstacles you will run into without a valid driver’s license. Furthermore, if you drive on a suspended license and get pulled over again, you will wind up in even more trouble.

Jail Time – Depending on the specific circumstances of your OWI or DUI arrest, you can wind up in jail even after a 1st offense. Your DUI or DWI may not even have to be a felony for you to be required to spend time in jail. Jail can result in serious repercussions in your personal and professional life. If you’re worried about mandatory jail time, contact an Indiana OWI lawyer today.

Future Hardships – You may think you can handle the DUI penalties, such as expensive fees or a license suspension. However, it is important to understand that pleading guilty to an OWI will result on a criminal conviction on your record that will not go away for a number of years or even the rest of your life. If a potential employer or your bank were to perform a background check, your conviction will likely appear. This can mean that your Indiana OWI conviction can cost you your dream job or that loan that would have afforded you that dream home or car.

OWI Expungement in Indiana can be problematic – You may have heard the term “expungement” tossed around or have heard that you can just “expunge your DUI later”. It is very important to understand that expunging your Indiana OWI is NOT an easy way out. First of all, it is very difficult to qualify for expungement. Secondly, you need to wait a number of years before you can even begin the expungement process. That means that you still need to pay the burdensome DUI penalties and have a criminal conviction on your record for a long time. Many things can happen in your life within a few years. Having a criminal conviction, even if you plan on expunging it, can still manage to create serious obstacles in your life.

Above all, don’t wait or just plead guilty to an Indiana OWI offense. There is an experienced Indiana criminal defense attorney out there who has fought cases exactly like yours and can get you the results you want.

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