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Poor Excuses for Not Fighting Your IA OWI Charges in Polk County and Why They’re Wrong!

There are a lot of people who have many reasons why they don’t hire a DUI attorney to fight their Iowa DUI charges. However, in the long run, chances are these people regret their decisions to not fight their charges. Here are some common excuses and why they’re a poor train of thought.

“DUI Attorneys are too expensive.” Not true! Let’s say you choose to not hire an IA OWI attorney and choose to plead guilty. With a DUI conviction on your record, you will likely be required to pay extensive fines, plus the fees the come with required alcohol education classes, license reinstatement, ignition interlock maintenance and more. Chances are these fees are way more expensive than hiring an attorney. Above all, hiring an experienced IA OWI attorney is a smart investment. Speak with a skilled IA OWI attorney today.

“But I was drinking.” It is important to understand that DUI cases in Polk County, Iowa are not open-and-shut cases. IA OWI cases are very complex and there is more to it than you may think. There are scientific details and legal loopholes that a skilled OWI attorney will utilize to poke holes in the prosecution’s case against you. Don’t lose hope. With the help of a skilled IA OWI attorney, you can get your Iowa drunk driving charges reduced or even dropped.

“It’s too embarrassing.” An OWI in Iowa is a devastating experience that can really damage your personal life. However, it is important to remember that an OWI arrest does NOT equal a conviction. You do not need to disclose an arrest like you would a conviction on job applications, etc. You obviously want to put this incident behind you and the quickest way to do so is to hire an experienced IA OWI attorney today. Begin building your defense and get your life back together!

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