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How to “Keep Your Cool” after an OWI Arrest in Wapello County

Getting arrested for an OWI in Wapello County, Iowa can be one of the most terrifying experiences of your life. You’re probably worried that you might go to jail or lose your license. It makes sense to panic, but you know nothing can get done when you’re distressed. Take a deep breath and look over the following tips.

Be polite - It’s a scary experience to see the police walking over to your window after you’ve been pulled over. You’re tense and you may want to talk too much or be rude to the police officer. Don’t do either. The only question you are required to answer is stating your name. If the officer asks you other questions, politely state that you do not wish to answer any more questions without an attorney present. Also, be sure to remain polite. If you become belligerent, you may face charges in addition to your Iowa DUI charges.

Hire an attorney – You may think hiring an attorney isn’t worth it, but it is. If you go into court unrepresented, you will learn that Iowa OWI laws are way more complex than you think. Without proper representation, you could end up with an Iowa DUI conviction on your record. This could end up preventing you from getting employment or applying for a loan. Having an Iowa DUI conviction on your record can put your life into even more chaos. Don’t let this happen. Talk to an experienced Iowa DUI attorney today.

Write everything down- Amidst all this confusion, you may miss an important detail of your DUI arrest that could be important to your DUI attorney or case. You should write down everything that happened after you’ve been arrested for an IA OWI. It will help you keep track of what happened and the details may be important for your attorney to aggressively fight your Iowa DUI case.

Stay on top of things – It is important to remember your court dates if you are required to appear in court. If you don’t appear in court, the judge can put out a warrant for your arrest. This is something you don’t want after you’ve been arrested for an OWI in Wapello County.

Above all, the best way to keep your cool after an Iowa OWI arrest is to hire an experienced DUI defense attorney. A DUI lawyer can explain the process to you and chances are he or she has fought and even won cases very similar to yours. Don’t delay. Speak with an experienced Iowa DUI attorney and get your life back together.

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