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An Iowa DUI can have terrifying consequences. A person arrested with a first time Iowa OWI can end up paying expensive fines, have his/her license revoked, and might end up serving jail time. A person charged with an Iowa DUI is also at risk of losing his/her insurance or end up with expensive insurance rates. An Iowa DUI can end up taking a person’s money, time, and freedom. If you’ve been arrested for an Iowa DUI, you don’t have to plead guilty to the charges against you. There is still hope. Contact an Iowa OWI attorney who understands the law and can search through the details of your case for the best possible outcome. There is an IA OWI lawyer who understands exactly what you’re going through. Contact an Iowi DUI attorney today for a free consultation.

An experienced Iowa OWI defense attorney will give you an aggressive and spirited defense if you’re charged with drunk driving or any other offense ranging from a serious felony to a speeding ticket. A DUI attorney’s extensive experience allows them to analyze every aspect of your case to find the most effective possible defense. An Iowa DUI lawyer will provide you with a straightforward evaluation of your Iowa DUI and has obtained excellent outcomes for scores of Iowa OWI clients just like you. Contact an IA OWI attorney for legal help with your Iowa DUI.

To learn more about proven defenses to your drunk driving charge, please contact a Des Moines, Iowa OWI attorney today at 1.800.DUILAWS for a free consultation.

Iowa Arrest and Release:

If someone you care about has been arrested, visit Iowa Department of Corrections web site for detailed information.

Other Iowa Resources:

There are a variety of special problems that arise following an Iowa drunk driving, OWI, or DUI arrest. It may be necessary to use a bail bondsman to help a friend or loved one gain release from custody. Renting a car may be difficult (although we know of several companies that will do so), as is getting car insurance. There may be a requirement to attend special alcohol programs, or AA meetings.

If you or someone you care about has been arrested for drunk driving, contact an experienced Iowa OWI attorney today.


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