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For purpose of immobilization, priors are defined as prior mandatory additional suspensions/revocations imposed pursuant to ยง904 (10), (11) or (12); not prior convictions of DWLS.

257.625(1)=OUIL/UBAC/OUID (Drugs) 257.625a=Blood/Chemical Test-PBT
257.625(2)=Knowingly Allowing Another to OUIL 257.625b=Licensing Actions for Ct
257.625(3)=OWI 257.625c=IC
257.625(4)=OUIL/OWI/Death-15yr felony 257.625d=Report
257.625(5)=OUIL/OWI/Serious Injury=5yr felony 257.625e=Notice Procedure
257.625(6)=Zero Tolerance 257.625f=IC Hearing Authority
257.625(7)=Child Endangerment 257.625g=Permit
257.904(1)=Operator/Chauffeur DWLS 257.625h=Prevention/Equip Funds
257.904(2)=Knowingly Allow DWLS 257.625i=Audit
257.904(3)=DWLS(1)(2)Penalties 257.625j=Repealed
257.904(4)=DWLS causing Death 257.625k=Ignition Interlocks
257.904(5)=DWLS causing Serious Injury 257.625l=Ignition Interlocks
257.904(6)=DWLS/Death/or Serious Injury 257.625m=CDL-.04 BAC for CMV
257.904(7)=Knowingly Allowing DWLS/Death 257.625n=Forfeiture
257.904(8)=Prosecution list prior convictions
257.904(9)=Requirements to establish a prior
257.904(10)=Mandatory like additionals
257.904(11)=Mandatory 30 day suspensions 257.904c=Plate Confiscation
257.904(12)=Mandatory CDL additionals 257.904d=Immobilization Penalties
257.904(13)=Same incident language 257.904e=Immobilization: Manner
257.904(14)=Police provide Ct w/driving record 257.904f=Immobilization/Plate on LEIN
257.904(15)=Protecting human life exception
257.904(16)=CDL Driving Suspended/Revoked
257.904(18)=Single Free FAC/FCJ Violation Exception
257.904(19)=Definition of never applied.

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