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4 Things Police Don’t Always Get Right at a Jefferson County DWI

  1. Administering blood and breath tests. Cops don’t always do this right. It’s true. This is why so many folks just like you have the chance of getting your charges reduced or dismissed! Police officers tend to flub chemical tests by giving them at the wrong time or using faulty equipment. If a blood or breath test is administered at the wrong time, the results are skewed. That’s because alcohol takes time to get into your system, so if the test is taken too late, your BAC will registered higher than it was at the time that you were driving! A skilled Arnold DWI lawyer can tell you more about this.
  2. Giving proper field sobriety tests. First off, field sobriety tests are optional. You will be hard pressed to find a police officer who will tell you this tidbit of information. Field sobriety testing is very subjective. The results can be skewed by so many things, including illness, age, physical ailments and more. Your Jefferson County DWI lawyer will be able to challenge your field sobriety test results.
  3. Why they pulled you over in the first place. If you were pulled over for speeding, for instance, that is not one of the acceptable reasons for a DWI arrest. If you were speeding, it is actually more evidence that you were NOT drunk because you were able to handle your vehicle properly at high speeds.
  4. Taking your driver’s license. You actually have 15 days to make a request to save your driver’s license. So you are really allowed to drive if you make this request on time. Your license is not officially suspended until your hearing is over or it is taken away by the judge at your criminal trial.

Police don’t always do the right thing during an Arnold DWI arrest. Not all lawyers know this. In fact, some attorneys think that a DWI arrest means you should just plead guilty and move on. The truth is there is a lot of evidence that can be challenged. If you are properly defended, you can get your charges reduced or even dismissed. Talk to a Jefferson County DWI lawyer today if you want to know more about your particular case.

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