10 Important Questions You Should be Prepared for Your Lawyer to Ask Regarding Your DWI in Albuquerque
Your answers may keep you from going to jail!

An Albuquerque DWI is not something to take lightly.  If you are convicted, the punishments will be harsh so it is imperative that you find a knowledgeable Albuquerque DWI lawyer to help you with your case.  It will be necessary for your attorney to ask you many questions in order to build a strong case.

Questions your attorney will likely ask regarding your Albuquerque DWI include:

1. What you were doing prior to your arrest?

2. How many drinks you had consumed?

3. What you remember about the police officer who stopped you?

4. What were the reasons the police officer gave for pulling you over?

5. What information you provided to the officer?

6. Were you asked or ordered to take roadside tests?

7. Did you take field sobriety tests and, if so, how did you perform on these tests?

8. Did you take a blood or breath test?  If you did, what were the results?

9. Did anyone observe you before you took any tests?

10. Was anyone a witness to your Albuquerque DWI arrest?

These are just some of the questions you should be prepared to answer when they are posed to you by your Albuquerque DWI lawyer.  Remember, you should not answer these questions for anyone else because your responses can be used against you in court.  Your attorney wants to build the best case for you so be truthful and provide as much information as possible.  If you have just gotten a DUI in Albuquerque and have not yet contacted a skilled Albuquerque DWI lawyer, you are doing yourself a disservice.  Now is the time to call and start fighting for your rights!

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