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Important Terms to Know If You Have Been Arrested for a DWI in the Bronx

STOP-DWI – This stands for "Special Traffic Options Program for Driving While Intoxicated".  It is New York’s anti-DUI program that coordinates the efforts of law enforcement, rehabilitation, and education to prevent drunk driving. It is funded by the fines paid by NY DWI convictions. If you want to avoid a DWI conviction, hire a skilled New York DWI attorney today.

Drinking Driver Program – This is an educational program that DUI convicts can qualify for to allow them to get a provisional license during their post-conviction period.

Ignition Interlock – This is a device that is installed into your vehicle that prevents your car from starting if it detects alcohol in your system. You have to breathe into the device every time you want to start your car.  You also have to take rolling retests while you’re on the road. Many people opt to install an IID because it allows them to drive after a Bronx DWI conviction.

DWAI – This stands for “Driving While Ability is Impaired” and is considered to be a lesser offense than a DWI. New Yorkers still must face severe penalties, so it is a smart idea to hire an experienced New York DWI attorney if you have been arrested for a DWAI.

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