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6 Components That Help Decide your Dutchess County DUI Punishment

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With an experienced DUI attorney, your charges may be reduced or dropped altogether!

In Dutchess County, you can enjoy the beauty of the Hudson Valley but do not drink and drive or you will face harsh New York DUI penalties.  A DUI in Poughkeepsie, which just happens to be the county seat, is not looked upon favorably.  You are plenty aware of this fact if you have ever been arrested for driving under the influence in New York. 

The good news is that there are many aspxects to a robust DUI defense which is why it is necessary for you to hire an experienced Dutchess County DUI lawyer.  In order to reduce any punishments you are currently facing, a knowledgeable attorney will know what evidence to look for in your case.  Of course, there are other elements that the court will use to determine your sentence if you are found guilty of your DUI as well.
These can include the following:

  • Were others hurt or injured because of your driving or were you hurt because of your driving
  • Had you been driving recklessly
  • What was your BAC when you were arrested for your Dutchess County DUI
  • Were you in an accident and, if you were, were you at fault for the traffic accident
  • Do you have any remorse that you were driving under the influence and are you accountable for your actions
  • Have you admitted to having a problem with alcohol and/or have you done anything to show this to be true

If you do not understand the severity of your Dutchess County DUI and refuse to take it seriously, if your blood alcohol content was high or if you caused an accident and/or caused injury to someone else, the punishments for your DUI will likely increase dramatically.  New York DUI penalties can include:  expensive fines and fees, having your license suspended, undergoing a driver responsibility assessment, having an ignition interlock device installed on your vehicle and even jail time. 

However, by hiring a talented Dutchess County DUI lawyer, you can have a strong DUI defense for your case.  Call us at 1.800.DUI.LAWS, and let our service match you with up to three, dedicated, local attorneys who will compete to represent you.  They are ready to help you protect your rights!


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