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5 Points to be Aware of Regarding your DWI in Putnam County

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This information can be helpful if you are in trouble for a DWI!

A night out for drinks every once in a while with friends is a very healthy activity.  However, if you are drinking and driving in Putnam County, you need to remember to instead call a cab or have a sober friend take you home.  A New York DWI is nothing you want to experience.  Therefore, if you want to imbibe every now and then, you need to know some important facts about DWI so you do not end up having to contact a Putnam County DWI attorney.

Naturally, the most important thing to remember related to driving under the influence is that you should not do it.  If you do and you end up getting caught, it will be something you regret.  In Putnam County, you will face having your license suspended, expensive fines and fees, community service, jail time and more.  If you have been arrested for a Putnam County DWI, there are some facts you may want to be aware of. 

Below are some important facts that you may not know about your Putnam County DWI:

  1. Alcohol by itself does not have an odor.  Therefore, a law enforcement officer cannot truly smell alcohol on your breath.  The smell you may omit when you drink is actually a combination of beverages that you have consumed.
  2. If you do not drink very often, you will typically be more impaired when you do drink than an individual who consumes alcohol on a regular basis at a given BAC.
  3. Breath alcohol tests are unreliable in measuring an individual's BAC because it differs for everyone depending upon the situation and the person.  BAC levels are actually dependent upon a number of factors.
  4. If you have been drinking alcohol and you stop drinking, your blood alcohol content will continue to increase for a half an hour up to three hours.  If an average woman consumes three drinks and an average man consumes four drinks in an hour, their BAC will typically exceed the BAC limit for a New York DWI
  5. At a low blood alcohol level, you have the same likeliness to be in a car accident as a person who has not had anything alcoholic to drink. 

If you have been arrested for a Putnam County DWI, your attorney will have many questions to ask you about the incident prior to, during and after being pulled over by the police officer.  These questions will be based off of many of the points above that will help them to prepare your DWI defense.  Therefore, it is a good idea to write down everything you remember as soon as you are able.  

If you have not yet contacted a Putnam County DWI attorney, do not hesitate any longer.  Call and speak with the dedicated and local DWI lawyers at 1.800.DUI.LAWS.  They will compete to represent you!


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